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Haida Whale Carving

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Here is the finished product of the previous post. This was a real learning curve for me, since I have began carving more complex pieces.


The bulk is sperm whale tooth, with paua inlay for eyes and fins, a freshwater pearl on the head, and a carved Tahitian black pearl as the toggle.


There is a story that goes along with the orca, but it is rather lengthy :) maybe later.


Thank you for taking the time to look.









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Hi bella , nice work there , those paua shell inlays , arent easy to when they are shaped the way you have , they tend to take a lot of patience ! well worth the effort tho , really nice design too, I like the way you have come up with the answer too that sometimes puzzling question, of how to attach the cord so the piece presents on the wearer how yow want it too, I reckon it"s always a daunting step when working with this type of material , when starting to cut into it and watching a design that you have hopes for come to fruition , well it is for me at least, the one thing that does stand out for me is the way what you have carved speaks of the appreciation you have for the material your working with , nicely done.



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Hi Bella,


Woaw, I did not check TCP since quite a while, I've been missing some amazing creation, including yours.

Well done on the Haida whale carving, well executed.

Did you carve the black tahitian pearl as well? Could we see a better picture of it or is it too late?

Also one question about your braiding for the attachement, macramé? or something else? Do you mind to share?

Again, congratulation.

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Thank you all so much for the feedback, I am always so tickled to hear any kind of feedback.

Lachlan, I usually do braid the end, you're right much better! However for this piece I braided the actual piece onto the lashing and I am not familiar with how to do this with both sides. I hope if it is possible to learn.


Lashing the body of it was a challenge, no one likes to drill holes in their pieces. I have learned a lot from the masters here like all of you :).


Also, the lashing it's self is something I learned from a friend, using washers and a drill. I use a nylon fishing line called northern braid. It's so incredibly convienient and quick, as well as aesthetically pleasing I'll have to post a video of it some time! Thank you all so much again, i think I will keep this one, and no I did not carve the pearl, it was a wonderful gift. :)

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