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Hello- I'm Barry, Maker Of Sculptural Wooden Spoons And Dishes.

Barry Gordon

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I am in my thirty-sixth year of making wooden spoons. For much of my career I made strictly functional untensils, often salad serving sets. At some point I began to create decorative spoon and vessel-like forms and, now, these are all I make. I see many of them as non-representational sculpture.


Edge tools were the choice earlier in my career but now most initial and intermediate work is done with power tools, including carving with a band saw and further shaping with powered abrasives. This is followed by hours of scraping and hand sanding to refine both form and surface.


I have written a half-dozen articles for WOODWORK magazine and teach spoonmaking, one person at a time for two consecutive days, in my workshop near Syracuse, New York. I am also part of the three-person team that has, for the past five years, been conducting biographical research on the late, noted woodcarver Emil Milan.


It's easiest to see my work by visiting www.barrygordon.com

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