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Whale Tail Crossover- First Attempt At Jade


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This is my first attempt at carving jade. Its my own idea carved from Siberian jade, initially I wanted to do 4 crossovers but downed to 3 as I wasnt sure of how the jade would hold up, as it is its fine and very solid. I also tried a different style of crossover to normal which Ive decided I dont like and wont do again. The crossovers are crooked, in the future Id like better lines and internally the crossover is not perfect- next time. It was initially designed to hang the other way up but it looks better this was so I removed the pegs I had to bind it the other way.


All in all Im happy with it. One side is smaller then the other because a small fracture kept chipping slightly so I kept grinding it down.

I polished up to water wet but had slight "peel effect" and it looked better mat so I took it back to 1500 grit.


I learnt a lot and enjoyed working with it so much Ive bought more jade. Ive also bought some more tools to make the next one easier.


Its 11cm across so quite large. The cord is two 8 strand braids backbraided over each other at the ends to make it adjustable. I use a kumiloom for the 8 strand braids.





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