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Hi From A Yorkshire Hobbyist

gary s

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hi everyone ,

My name is gary , i've been stalking this site for a few years now ,marvelling at some of the fantastic work that the members show on here and have finally plucked up courage to come out of the shadows .

I live in a small town called Barnsley in South Yorkshire England .

i'm a 56 year old sparky ( electrician ) with more hobbies than you can shake a stick at : wood turning , guitar making , shooting , cooking , gardening , making walking sticks and just to send me grey a little quicker I bought " PIP " a springer spaniel to train :( . And now carving .

I really need to stop.

For a bit of relaxation that doesn't involve any form of craft or a dog i enjoy a bit of classic rock and have been known to partake of a few beers .

at present i'm out of action as far as work is concerned having a ladder slip from under me and my knee colliding with the floor and ending up in 7 pieces :wacko: .

Well that's all i can think of at the moment but will try and get some photos of my work posted soon .Thats it for now its time for bed ,good night all

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