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2-For-1 New Members In Paris


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hello all! we're naomi and guillaume, a couple living in paris, france, who have recently found themselves neck-deep in a passion for carving (we're sharing the account for now, until guillaume gets the swing of english carving vocabulary). we've both always been involved in the arts in someway or another, and met through 'street art', and a shared obsession of cutting stencils and the like. i'm canadian, born hunting and fishing on a northern native reserve, and guillaume is from st. etienne, weaponry mecca of france from the middle ages on. this turn to carving only seems natural.


we've been doing collaborative projects since we met (painting, sculpting, a bit of everything), but when the biology lab at the school guillaume taught in threw away their massive collection of assorted animal bones and skulls, we stuffed our tiny studio apartment with the dead menagerie and got to work. we had both dabbled a bit before, but now we've gotten the massive push we needed.


we started with cat skulls and jaws; the skulls of course being so paper thin that we had to err on the extreme side of subtle, but had more luck with the jaws.


we then hit a sheep skull that guillaume had had for a while (hence the discoloration). we did a zen koan capping phrase ('no teki teki ketsu sha sha') in my version of a bastardized courthand calligraphy.




we've now thrown ourselves into the horse skull that we've been staring at for well over a year now... we're transcribing the lyrics to the dirge 'o death' in an early renaissance cancellaresca script, going for an illuminated manuscript look in the finished product. we've only just started on this one, but here's the progress we've made.




yeah, we're really not photographers by any stretch of the imagination. anway, no more stalking around the forums for us! if you're interested, guillaume has a website with his other work as well as more carving pics. http://www.necessary...sculptures.html

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