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Eagle Flowers And Fantasie

Kurt K

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Hi there everyone, have been here only for reading and getting inspiration for some time, but did not show anything of my own undertakings for a while.


I'm still on a steep learning-curve and improvements seem at times hard to come by. Will not bother you with every project undertaken, but let me introduce 4 of them.


As always, all my pieces are pendants and usually keep within the 4cm maximum extend (

exception background for eagle)


First up some simplistic style of a Lilly made of Montana Agate




Then came a Disdero Agate from Canada, Polkadot agate eye and Hawks eye for background


and in the sun



Fire Agate. This being something I'm looking forward to practice this summer. Instead of just chasing the colors, I would like in the future to integrate carvings. Keeping the color as priority, but enhance the overall appearance by carving subjects. This being my second try in that, so results are not that great yet. There is lots of room for improvement.





And finally a rather interesting material from Indonesia. Palm wood with plumes, Agate mixed with plumes also known in general as Pawancawara (this being one of the rares sub-types out of 27 known types)



Closer look at the material



Till here for now, wishing everyone a great summer, and thanks for being witness to my progres in this wonderful hobby, Kurt

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Thank you, but don't be mistaken; that is just one piece (no photoshop here, just different light conditions). One of the attractions of fire agate is the endless array of colors and apperance there off. Love that stuff. Just sad that there are so few people who even know that this material exists.

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