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Incredible Jade Carvings


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Hi Lachlan,

the pictures are taken from books written by a friend of mine, Yu Wei Li, in China, she gave me the pictures to post on my website. She has writter at least 8 books by now, intorducing these living master carvers. There are around 50 of these artists she has written about with many more pictures of their work. These artists are not well known outside of China and their work is generally unavailable outside of private collections and museaums and mostof that work lies in private collections unavilable to the public.

These books are only available in China, but if you are interested I can see if they can send some over.


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This video shows some of the most amazingly delicate jade carvings Ive ever had the pleasure of seeing!



There is another one posted by the same people that shows one of the pieces being carved and it is amazing.

I cannot even comprehend how one can carve something as thin as the insect legs and antenna and actually polish them!

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