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margie burgess

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Hi everyone,

I also am a newbie to this forum.

I am a chess set restorer and my work and research can be accessed on my website, www.chessspy.com

I do not do a lot of carving, being mostly involved with turning in it's many forms, however I do carve knights heads and so on.

I work mostly in boxwood, (buxus sempervirens, (european box)) and ebony, these being the most common woods used in antique chess sets.

I have recently found a good suplier for boxwwod in Turkey, Octapus woodworks, They can supply european box in turned dowel form in a variety of diamaters as suits the branch and trunk of this (small) tree, (it is normally offered in raw branch form but this offends the fisheries and wildlife section of the US government import police).

Anyone who has never carved or turned true boxwwod is in for a real treat, the only local wood in America which comes close to boxwwod in texture, (which I know of) is Mountain Laurel, found commonly in the south of North America, also not often traded as a commercial wood.

Basswood and South American boxwood are also often offered as boxwwod but are both poor substitutes in my opinion.

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