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Horse Skull


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Here is what we have been (and still are) workin on for the last month....It's the third skull we carved, and this time it's part of the lyrics of the song "Oh Death", and since Death rides a pale horse.... :) Naomi did the calligraphy and I did the carving.

Almost everything has been done with dremel, we tried some hand tools I just got my hands on ( we are new to carving ) but we had to be very carefull since it's an old skull really dry and fragile. Never imagined a horse skull would be so thin...


If anyone already tried this material and got some tips , we would gladly learn (i looked on the site to see if you got something for fixing holes and maybe someone has suggestion for some kind of consolidating vernish ? ) .








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Thank you Niky and Alain .

I mostly used cutters from the dremel bits kit. I don't even own a dremel, a friend of mine lended me an old one, so I used what I could find in his kit. I mostly used the 0,8 mm wheel cutter.

I got myself a ebony cisel that I used a little bit to clean the lines, but it didn't work that well , it wasn't carving the bones enough, so I needed to use a small hammer to get a line and the skull is too thin to do so in many parts. I'm looking forward to using only hand tools, but I need to know first a little bit more about that before getting some,

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Create your own micro chisels

What you have, an old toothbrush and worn out dental burr ,


What you need,

something to drill holes , I use Proxxon and also excellent for detailing your work , website


drill , half the diameter then the dental burr , drill straight and third deep in the toothbrushhandel ,

if you drill too deep, the mini chisel disappears in de handle when working by pressure ,


diamond whetstone to adjust the burr ,( pin vice , but not necessarily ,)

something to heat the back of the burr ,

press the heated burr into the handle ,

adjust the burr on the diamond whetstone ,








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have you thought about making the letter stand out? you could seal the bone let dry, take paint rub into the depressions from the letters let paint dry, then with the letters high lighted by the paint seal again.

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Thanks for the tips Alain, good idea to use brushtooth :) I started working with what i've got as I wrote, I'm in the process of learning about tools and all ...

A good friend of mine who carves metal taught me a few interested things.

Dan : We thought about it, but we kinda like it like that , as the writting shows with the lights and shadows.

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