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Kurt K

Southern Magi

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I started a new chapter on Fire Agates. I finally found a way and the confidence to look at Fire Agate as a stone, not only at the fire. So instead of just cutting out the fire, I want to include the non-fire areas into a composition. No-one really wants the chalcedony, yet I find the resulting colors and combinations quite attractive.


While still far from the brilliant creations that are shown here on regular basis, I finally got something that I'm confident enough to declare a progress in catching up. :)


Started out as a Gypsy woman with headscarf, but then somehow did not get the proportions right and the face somehow turned into a man (partially due to the uneven thickness of the material). Anyhow, after the sex-change, lets call him " Southern Magi"


Mexican Fire Agate 30 x 20mm


Outdoors in the shaddows on a sunny day.


Indoors, regular room-light during the day.




Thank you for looking, and if there are any recomendations in regards to how to improve in future work, I shall be very welcoming to any ideas.


Best regards, Kurt

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I think he is amazing! as talented as any other piece on this site...... My recommendation is to believe in your gift :)

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Very nice Kurt, you just keep getting better and better. A very creative way to use fire agate too.



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