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Introduction From Nz

Pytha Saunders

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Hi everyone!!

My name is Pytha ( I know, a rather unusual name) and I am from New Zealand. I came across you guys quite some time ago and I thought it was time to show my face and say hello.

I have been carving mainly bone for around 8 years now, just part time as a hobby as I am a happily married mum of 5 and we home school as well so time is rather scarce.I will get my kids to help load up some pics soon.Just a beginner but love the way all levels of skill are supported and encouraged here...

Well, not sure what else to say really....

Kia kaha everyone!!


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hello, i was in nz 1990, playing rugby, n there i saw carvings wich i atarted some years later, i lived in Taranaki. just nice 4 u 2 live in a country where there r so much carving tradition. well i found a strong alive old tradition in sweden 2 that i try 2 learn, but maori still talks 2 me most,


KIa Ora!



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Thanks Stefan!

I myself came here from Holland when I was 11 years old and the maori carvings are such an awesome inspiration somehow. Ive noticed here on this forum that there are so many people carve with a Maori influence even though they are from another culture, really cool!


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