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Eric K. Clark

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post-3716-0-24741600-1375027767.jpghello. my name is eric. im 31 years old and i live in portland oregon. i am new to the forum and also new to the craft ive begun practicing. im a generally artistic (or obsessive) person and i like for my methods, techniques, tools etc etc to evolve and change so im always transitioning from one thing to another. right now my focus is on what would be best defined as "scrimshaw". i etch images and designs into different types of bone and then fill the etching with an ink mixture. it isnt all that unlike stick and poke tattooing which is something ive done in the past. i use several of the same tools and inks. different mixtures of things, like india ink and ashes, depending on the material im using. i do different stains as well, mostly with tea.. i plan to experiment with other options soon.


anyway, i came to this forum to learn more about this kind of stuff, get a second opinion when i run into problems and to try and contribute where i can to other peoples creative processes. i appreciate those very much..


if i had to pick one thing to talk about for the rest of my life, it'd be "the project im working on". so im likely in the right place.




thanks, glad to be here..







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Welcome Eric. I'm a kiwi reluctantly living in Sydney and I work with bone and stone (with some canvas here and there) practicing traditional and contemporary Maori art. Not exactly your genre, apart from the obsession with bones, but welcome anyway.



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