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Hello, I'm Clark And New Here To This Group

Clark E

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Hi, I’m Clark and new to this group and wanted to introduce myself. I’m a ceramic artist and began working in clay back in the early 1970’s while in college. I've was introduced into jade by my wife, she has had a passion for jade for many years and in China has had tremendous access because of work and friends. I have been on a crash course for the last 7 years or so, meeting artists, seeing studios and looking at jade... tons of jade of all types, most of it really good stuff. I learned a lot, but also have a very lot to learn. My exposure to carving is almost exclusively from China. Most of my friends carve jade and some carve other materials, one of my friends is best known for his ice carving and he is responsible for a large project in northern China each year where they create a small city in ice, I also have pictures of a large ice carving project he did at the Astro Dome in Huston. He is living and teaching in the SF bay area and we are planning to do some ceramic artwork together, I’ll throw some forms for him and he wants to paint and carve the outside. These are a few pictures of my ceramic art and one in progress I started about a year ago and have stalled on. You can see a little more of my work and work from my friends and some studios on my web site www.thejadedealer.com. I will also post more pictures that I hope you find interesting, soon.


Tea pot with carved koi fish.


This is stoneware 34 inches tall thrown and altered.


Raku fired 36 inches tall thrown and altered


This bowl is around 5 inches tall cone 10 under glaze decoration


Something I started a while back, the figures were formed from the inside while wet and carved on the outside for detail.




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no I am clark .........actually its my last name. nice to meet you I did a little ceramic when I was in high school would love to set up a small kiln in my shop .........when I get a real shop because I have a couple friend who do ceramics. in fact my sister in law has a masters in it. I personally am a wood turner focusing on mixed mediums of stone and wood inlay. here is a couple of post on what I make http://www.woodtalko...ss-card-holder/ http://www.woodtalko...ing-box-i-made/ these are some quick photos I took to show off to a couple friends what im working on and to ask for advice. as you can see I tried making a koi fish as well.

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Hi Clark,


Welcome to you! Thank you for the link to your web site. I began looking at the Jade Insider Blog - Part 1, and paused at reading these words: "As you drive through the city along the road side, you see businesses lined up one after the other selling every type of carved item imaginable from small stone carvings to 20 ton sculptures for hotels and large office type complexes. When you see all this stone work lined up it's very impressive and a little difficult to believe the world could need so many sculptures."


Your words emphasize to me that we are part of an enormous, global community, and through the experiences of others (such as yourself) we are introduced to the greatness of what exists beyond our own neighborhoods.


Chinese jade carving is very different from the carvings from New Zealand that we have been introduced to here on the forum. The material is so beautiful, and both cultures and different carving communities find ways to enhance its qualities.


I look forward to learning more about your experiences in China and with jade.



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Actually Dan, Clark is a family name for us too. Family came over from Ireland to California back in the 1840's. They settled on the coast and dairy farmed in a place that looked like home.


I'm laid up with a separated shoulder (again) took a tumble on a trail yesterday morning mountain biking and am typing with one hand. I looked at your pictures and your koi fish is very graceful I like it. Wood is a nice medium that excites the senses in a way that other materials can't. There is a wood in China they use for special objects anything from small carvings to temple beams, it it very hard and has a wonderful smell, if you take a small sliver of the wood and burn so it produces smoke you get a smell like incense. I was in Shan gra la (not sue if i'm spelling that right) last year a looked inside a door in the temple and they had a room full of this wood, I guess mostly for carving small objects.

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thanks the pictures don't show the depth there is with the color and clarity of the stones I used. and the purple heart almost glows in the sunlight. if you think of what that wood is let me know sounds nice. . I know what its like to be lade up with one hand im on my second month of being on the bend from a bandsaw cut on my pinky 13 stitches and had to get tended reattached. good luck and take it easy.

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Kia ora Clark. Some astonishing work on your website. Thank you for sharing.


I'm from New Zealand originally and have had a bit of experience in carving jade. I mainly carve bone and ivory but still dabble with the harder stuff from time to time.


Welcome to the group. I look forward to seeing more of your work.



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