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Frist Time Wood Carving Finished

Tony N

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If a chisel was used then its a carving for sure (well, not technically, lol, but in this case it is) :). It doesn't matter what a person is creating, as long as they are having a go. Its all fun and therapeutic :)


You kept the lines pretty straight over the distance Tony. I am sure your table will get a lot of use.

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Cathy, If a chisel was used then its not necessarily a carving...... carving is not about being therapeutic... is about creating awe inspiring work!

You are not doing Tony a favor by being an enabler of work that does not entail skill, an endeavour to create art, and to excel in the craft you are involved in.


Sorry Tony you can do much better, and spend more time on a concept before beginning a piece....


Niky http://nikysenater.com/

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Yes, i did say using a chisel wasn't technically classified as carving :). I personally find carving theraputic. I am not a great carver like yourself niky, and i dont carve to create awe inspiring work, i dont need to impress anyone....as long as i am happy with what i have created, then to me, thats all that matters. :)


I think a little encouragement can go a long way, and rather than criticize someones work, i lke to find a positive about it.


The thing i like most about this Forum is that not everyone is a great artist, it makes me feel like i fit in here.


Sorry to derail your thread Tony.

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thank you both for your comments its helpful I was just learning how to carve with chisels not try to make a pace of art I think I did quite well and for my first try I think I did quite well as for doing better that's a given but for some who's never did well at wood work I think it was not a bad start thanks for all your comments and yes in some ways its not carving in the true sense like most of the stuff here I mainly work in bone every body has to start some where and hey I can only get better you never stop learning

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I read the above posts with a stunned amazement, walked away and then reread them again. I let some time go by but it just would not go away. I have to say something.


I frequent and am a member of 7 or more forums all related to carving. All of these vary from the "feel good" forums to the serious forums of critiques for the confident and brave. This forum covers all skill levels and has always been middle of the road with an encouraging nature. Generally responses are geared not only to the skill level of the poster but to their request for feedback.


The response from Niky is the height of artistic arrogance showing little concern for the feelings of a stated beginner. No encouragement, no questions, no constructive criticism, just a harsh unadulterated slap. Besides saying the work was lacking in design there was the added insult that it was not even carving. Definetly something I would expect from a classically trained academic artist who spent their career working for others. Someone from the school of hard knocks or who makes a living from their own creations would have a little more compassion.


Not all of us have the opportunity, the finances or other resources to be trained or classically schooled in the arts and have no other recourse but to go the hard road of self education. I am self taught and after over 35 years of full time work feel that I am just now beginning to produce the work I desire. The need to survive, raise a family and all the other mundane things in life have kept me in the world of commissions instead of the awe inspiring work of "art". My first efforts make me shutter in hindsight but I was damn proud of those efforts then. I applaud Tony's response that he can only get better and for his ability to shirk the insults.


As for the work in question. It would appear to me that it was a technical exercise and after having visited Tony's site I can see that it is quite a departure form his usual work. Is the design lacking...that depends on what his intent was dosen't it. Intent needs to be considered before a critique is given regardless of the outcome. Is it a technically proficent piece, no but then again he stated it was his first attempt. I believe he is trying to develop a skill which is the starting point for excellence and of creating art if that is the intent. Does it need to be awe inspiring, is that a requirement, is that everyones goal, is that a pre-requisite to enjoying the process or the outcome?


I carve because it is a passion and a joy....and it is theraputic. Producing awe inspiring work is not the main goal and what inspires one may disgust another. Carving is theraputic...it forces you to face your fears, confront your failure and endure judgements from anyone that views your work. It tests your fortitude when faced with such harsh, uncaring comments from your peers. Niky, I am sure your first attempts were sheer works of artistic beauty of a technical skill unsurpassed and above reproach.


Please consider where you are on this forum, what skill level you are commenting on and take the time to ask a question or two before posting a comment. If by chance you have years of experience maybe consider your early experiences with the process and how your feelings were impacted by those early "critiques". I think we all do the best we can and that is all we can do. I don't think your average person would post what they consider garbage. They post their best efforts, maybe keep that in mind.


Mark Strom


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Well said Mark. I too was very disappointed in Niky's comments. I think you said it all.


In future Niky, you should give more thought to your critique, and perhaps look beyond the piece of work you see in front of you, and discover more of the journey that the artist is traveling.


How dare you make criticisms on someones work with no idea where they have come from.


Everyone is on a different stage of their journey. The ones who have traveled further should be there to encourage others to the next stage.



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