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Jade 'Tendril'

Donn Salt

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Hi All, It's been awhile since participating............. have had a good look through this afternoon and see there has been plenty of stuff going on.


Congratulations Janel......... very much deserved recognition.


Of possible interest is a 'Tendril' form under way for a client. Netsuke size as a pendant. Lovely, subdued color gradually blending into darker.

The color is a little off as the course surface texture reflects too much light for the camera to read correctly. One of those small idiosycracies. Will show truer shades as the carving evolves and the surface is refined.




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Hi Donn!


Thanks. And welcome back! It is good to have you here with us again. Been busy?


It is interesting to see where a piece comes from, beginning to end. A piece makes so many transitions, and can look good so many times before it comes to rest in its final form. The element of touch is missing though! Not much can be done from halfway around the world about that.


Will you show us more images as you go? Hope so.



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