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My name is Bryan Van Horn. I live in Washington state in the little town of Yacolt.


I am carving marionettes out of basswood. I am attempting to make them as realistic as possible. The head and hands of the marionettes are a little oversized, which is on purpose.


I have been carving for 3 years now. I have carved around 11 marionettes.


I also carve masks. Mostly in the abstract.





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Hi Bryan,


These are quite delightful! Is there anywhere on the internet where we could see them moving? Do you also perform with these marionettes?


I understand the technique of making the head and hands over sized, those are the more expressive features we have to use in conversation. The assemblages of parts, with connections and hinges must be quite a complex exercise with planning and when carving each design. It must be so much fun for you when they are complete and come alive.


Thank you for posting the images.



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Thanks Janel and Cathy.


I have posted some really short videos on YouTube. My user name is PuppetGuyVanHorn. I will be posting more soon.


I am slowly building up a cast of characters to do a show.


I like working out the movements and I'm slowly learning what works and what doesn't. It is fun play around with the marionettes when they are completed and watching all of the planning and theory work.


I demo'ed the wyrm at our local fair this year and enjoyed seeing people's eyes light up when it moved.

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Yes, these are fun!! Carvings too, but very different in application. Like Janel already said, immediately thought it must take a lot of planning in advance to work them out. The video of C'thulhu is very nice; it shows what they are capable of. No doubt it's very satisfactory to see people react to them! :)

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