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Hi David, I also suffer from the "Multiple Try" syndrome. My display shelf holds only about 6 reasonable pieces, but my failed try bin runneth over. When I took up photography, I asked one of our senior experienced members how it was she always seemed to take great shots. Her reply "Take lots,and sooner or later you will descover the knack" Hopefully carving is the same--- at 72 if I only live long enough :-)..Colin

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Hey David,

I like your Big cat, It has good lines and character. Did you do it from a photo? I find great appeal in carvings that meet the basic shape stage of the process and advise to keep any carving you are happy with at that level. However, if you feel like there is still allot that can be done with a carving, then there usually is. Often my carvings get smaller as I change something over and over until I'am happy with the outcome. One thing I have found very helpful in this process is a detailed toy or resin version of the creature you are trying to re-create. I find having something you can turn in your hands and get different views of shapes and sizes very helpful even if it isn't cast in the same shape as what you are carving.

Here Is an example of a Big cat I did a while ago as a small gift. One picture is a rough stage at which I liked so much I was very tempted to leave it that way. The other picture is the level at which I took it to before it was called done in my eyes.

Hope this helps with your venture down the carving path. :)

Regards, Duncs.



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