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Hello From A New Member And Carver Of 10 Months

Graeme J

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Hi there to all.


I am a new carver using bone, horn and nuts.

Mainly bone at the moment. With some paua shell inlay.


I live in the UK.


Looking for carving friends and general tips on tools.

I currently run a dremmel 4000 with a flexi drive and various hand gravers.

Am slowly building up a stock of tools and will be receiving a scroll saw from dear old mum for Christmas.


Hope to chat to some new people.


Take care.


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Regal website is superb thaks for the tip they are just what I have been scouring the web for.

Trouble is I could spend some serious money.

Although to be honest out of the bits I have at the moment, like most people probably, I have about 5 bits that I couldnt live without and can with a little patience and skill do most functions.

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