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First Time Stone Carving

Graeme J

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Hey there.


Can anyone offer some advice on a good type of stone dor a first time stone carving.

I have a chinese dragon in mind and was thinking soap stone maybe.

I run a dremel 4000 with flexi shaft and have 80, 120 and 240 grit diamond bits of various shapes I use on my bone carvings.

Would I need water to cool the carving tips as this is something I do not really have a grasp on. I do know that being only well organised carbon I run the risk of burning the diamond tips if running too hot.


Any advice would be great.






Carving is the most beautiful and pleasurable way to spend some me time in the man cave...


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Soap stone is very soft and ordinary rasps, files and knives will shape it, burs will also eat it up. The burs will throw a lot of dust so water is a good idea, and yes they cannot get hot.


On harder stone water is an absolute must with the diamond burs, when they dry out they will burn and throw the diamond in less than 3 seconds, meaning another bur ruined. I use a tub of water and carve in that, it does tend to throw water everywhere and makes it hard to see what you are carving. A drip system to the tool is a better option, I have seen some set ups where the water feed is attached to the dremel hand piece which looks like a great idea.





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