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Galina Mudrovska From Kiev


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Hello, my name is Galina, I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. I am a carver. Usually I use the mammoth tusk as it is my favorite material. Anyway I use wood and other materials.

I was carving for several years when I got an order to carve a netsuke. From that time netsuke became a priority in my art. That it was how I start to discover the Japanese culture, history of netsuke, mode of Japanese life, mythology and music. I study Japanese language and the play on the bamboo flute shakuhachi.

I like to draw, to enjoy nature, to listen to the music. I engage personal development activities.

I want to show my works for many people and to tell about the ways of creation and about what inspires me.

As I don't know English very well I want to say sorry if am late with my replays.

Best regards,


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