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Cody R.

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I apologise in advance for the wall of text there is a question in part of "paragraph" 2 if you don't want to read the whole thing.


I'm new to carving for the most part aside from some unfinished blocks of stone I have laying around in various states of destruction and a branch of manzanita I cut and wittled into a nice shape one summer long ago. I've mostly poorly done drawing since it's inexpensive and maretials are redily available everywhere. I've tried digital drawing which didn't rurn out too bad if I say so myself unfortunatly the ergonomics of it were off or something with my desk or the tablet causing my right arm/shoulder/neck to seize up losing me a couple months of being able to do anything (I'm fine now it probably had to do with being tensed up for dozens of hours at a time using so few muscles so intently.) Oh yeah at one point I even made a couple very bad very short cg animations. I had plans to make more but hen the thing with my arm happened even though one had nothing to do with the other I'm still a little wary of wanting to spend weeks at a time working on something on the computer. So now it's carving, I wonder if there is something wrong with me that naturally gavitates me towards such labor intensive hobbies. :unsure:


Oh yeah, I made these from some soapstone trimings I had for something else I I want to make. The one on the left is your basic pointy rock for poking stuff. It totally destroys packing tape like nobodies business :lol: . and the one on the right is a uhmm an Inugami? I had a question about that one From the base of it's tail to the tip of it's ear the depth ranges from 1/8" or so to 1/2" it's prefectly flat on the back. I kind of want to cut away the background material so it feels nicer in the hand but I'm a little worried it'll be more prone to breaking with that section taken out between the head and poorly done fingers. I'd be able to fix those some if I did. I've already accidentally dropped it like five or six times because of the balance being so off. So what do you think should i do it. It's really hard though for soapstone neither of those time did it pick up any signifigant damage when it fell. I originally started to carve it because i wanted to test what I can and can't get away with with this particular piece of stone and the tools i have available but became attached to it along the way. I know it's really crudely done and needs more work but still. I could do it and leave it out as "you break it, you buy it, trap" I sanded it up to 600 grit wet ( I couldn't find any finer grit) so it's probably pretty slippery. The tens of pennies will rain from the heavens :rolleyes:


So yeah The things you guys/gals create are amazing I hope to learn a lot from you in the future. Any tips or help are greatly appreciated as obviously i have a long way to before I'll be producing anything decent aside from poking rocks of course. I could totally put an out with that thing, given the right conditions of course.


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