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Jade Triple Crossover- Work In Progress


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Work in progress!

The design




Here the jade has been cut out using a holesaw (11cm dia) and the interior circles removed and the crossovers carved out.

One could finish here but I like the contrast of meeting lines and besides its much to thick to show off the beautiful colours and translucence of the jade- so onwards we go.



Removing material (this is actually the other side of the piece above as I havent done the other side yet). I discovered a few cracks and have/will be able to carve most of them out.



Stay tuned for more! Or follow on facebook


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nice bro, like the way you look at differing ways of incorporating crossovers in your designs rather than following the more commonly seen approaches , in particular how you've looked to show of the translucent beautiful looking stone, is there a particular epoxy you use to address the

crack you've found in your jade ?

gotta say bro that's some talent you' ve got going on there !


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Thanks Mace.

With bone I use to use superglue and it was not visible once sanded but on a few test cracks the superglue left quite and obvious line in the jade. Ive noticed that when water goes into the cracks they become less obvious, much the same as wetting a coarsely sanded stone hides all of the scratches. The cracks appear to have a refractive index change that blocks the transfer of light, and putting water in there seems to help. So instead of using superglue which I find doesnt dry completely clear and often has bubbles in it Ive purchased some of this:


It has a low viscosity when first mixed and should penetrate the crack well. It takes a while to dry but hopefully will provide the best finish.


That said this is only my 4th jade carving so Im very much still learning- kinda pushing it to see what I can get away with :)

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The hxtal epoxy is amazing stuff! It penetrated the smallest cracks fine and is super strong. I cracked a piece of jade with a hammer and glued it back together with this stuff, after 24hours I tried whacking it with a hammer, again it cracked but I couldnt get it to crack along the same line no matter how I tried. I also glued two flat pieces together with 1/2 of their area touching, tried breaking this apart after only 24 hours with an axe along the glued surfaces, couldnt get it to separate and when I did it didnt separate at the glue but rather random concoidal like fractures all over the jade.


Ive now shaped the outside circle and done a lot of work neatening up the inside crossover and making it flow. Plenty more work to go.post-2388-0-45313500-1385459295.jpg

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