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Cascara Bowl

Nelson Lepine

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Sorry about the photo quality but this is all I have as the piece has sold. I saw an unusual tree that had been partially damaged by clearing a building lot. It turned out to be a Cascara. The species was almost wiped out around here as the bark and wood were harvested for their laxative ingredients until a synthetic was invented! The bowl measures approximately 12" x 6" x 7" high. I used the crotch of two branches to get a piece that big as its a fairly small tree that grows to about 30' . The wood works like a Spruce or Pine even though its a deciduous tree and even though there are knots it was fairly easy to cut through them. The wood being that soft though isn't particularly good for detail. Also I was pretty regular during the creation but thats prolly a little more info than you need to know! I was inspired by the Birds of Paradise for the shape. Cheers! Nelson

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