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Hello Fromthe Hills Of Tennessee

Robert Y

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E'llo from the Hills of Tennessee, My Name is Robert I am new to the site as many before me once were. However, I am not that new to carving things micro, small, or large. I have registered to The Carving Path to help me with my ability to learn, carve, and hopefully help others with what I have learned the hard way. I am very humbled by the work I have seen here so far as I have only been looking around the site for a short time. I have yet to see everything here that shall take quite some time I am sure of this as I do enjoy reading and seeing others work as well as reading how others have accomplished their work, techniques in carving and woodworking.


I am really enjoying the folks that are willing to share their knowledge with me here on The Carving Path. I am here to learn so I can add to my craft of knife making, Gun handle/stock works, and to be able to carve better thus providing my clientele with finer products that I enjoy making. I do hope folks do not mind answering questions about their work and how they have done things as I tend to ask a lot of questions even after reading things as it is how I learn I am more of a hands on learner .


Thank you for letting me become a part of a very wonderful site. I'll try to get some of my work posted in the next few weeks .




13 & On Forge

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