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Robert Y

1911 Pistol Grips In Bone

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Here is a set of grips I made for my 1911 .45 the grips are made from Camel bone and the logo is the Sons of Anarchy , However I did change it to better suit me by changing the M16 into an M4 the sickle is feathered , and the cloak has more detail added .


I would like to see what others think of my version of this SOA logo .


P.S. There is not an issue with copy rights on it, as it is not for sale.

I also made Kurt Sutter a set for his personal weapon. <Grins>








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I am sorry for the Large Photos I had them re-sized and thought it had worked to be a thumb nail to click on to make larger . some how it did not work . if admin wishes to correct them please do so or I will try to link them to an off site photo .


Comments are Welcomed !



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