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Hana Stoklasova

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Hello everyone!

About two years ago I started with woodcarving. Shortly after that, I got a chance to make a small medallion inspired by American North-west coast Native´s art (photo attached).

Inspite of taking up mostly medium size sculptures, small scale carving stays as a way of personal talisman art for me. I´m interested in realistic and surrealistic sculptures touched by impressionism.

After all...free creation is the most senzitive attitude for me. Have a nice day.




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Nice work


It is difficult to carve small pieces in wood ,I mostly carve in lime wood . I like the attention to detail of the eyes and teeth although can`t make out what the material you have used


I am always on the look out for new ideas for carving mostly for hiking poles but also carve puppets .

I have carved several hiking pole toppers and keen on art deco etc, and looking to expand this into abstract work

Currantly working on the female form to sit upon a hiking pole .most of the hiking pole toppers are of wild fowl although have carved some gargoyles

I will post some photos when i resize them

you must post more photos when you can.

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Hi Hana,


Welcome here.

I would also be interested in knowing the wood used? As for the inlay I imagine the eyes are paua and teeth some kind of mother pearl? No?

Would it also be possible to have a picture of the back of the carving?

Anyway, I like the way you carved this piece, and would be curious about the treatment you used for the finish of the wood, I like the aspect of the tongue, it seems raw like a real tongue would look like (english is not my first language so I hope I make myself clear)

I would also be curious in the technique you used for the braid work of the "necklace".

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