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Catfish And Fun Photos

Bella Nicol

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Here are a few new pieces, plus a wonderful boulder opal stingray I purchased from Australia. I love it, so I thought I would share my love of it with my fellow carvers.

Also, I have included a Holiday photo as per 'tradition' ;) Our new little adoptee Sprinkles. She's all but carving a Huge nook in our hearts.

Happy Holidays to all of my international carving friends!


Catfish is Hippo tusk and mammoth covered in enamel paint.

Stingray 1 is mammoth tusk with paua inlay

Stingray 2 is MOP










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Thanks guys!

Lachlan, no, I had not. I wanted to! But it would have been a difficult task. The tail fin and dorsal fin are two separate colours of mammoth tusk one blue one caramel so they clash with the white of the hippo tusk. The eyes are MOP yes :).


I was looking into lacquer but I had difficulty finding resources with adequate information. Also, I wouldn't know where to even begin with finding natural lacquer. I have used coffee and tea before when making a light stain though.


What do you use to stain?

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I use potassium permanganate, one can achieve almost black with it and being reversible its nice if you dont get it right first time, however I would say its a harsh stain and may not be suitable for certain mediums. Ive also used various colours of clothes dye with good effect and Ive heard good things about using leather dyes. Kerry Thompson does some awesome stains and he uses smoke to get some very crisp lines. You can use nail polish to block out an area prior to a stain to give multiple colours.


So you used different pieces of mammoth and hippo to make the one piece? Thats a cool idea, did the different colours/textures of the two bones not provide enough of a colour contrast? I love the piece, I just think its a shame one cannot see the natural textures, patterns and warmth of the mammoth and hippo tusk through the paint.

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