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Talk To Me About What The Carving Path Forum Means To You

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The Path seems to be like many others there are walkers who have never taken a journey before and some who have walked it many times. But like the Camino we have to ultimately walk it alone and the teacher comes from within. I love seeing the beautiful work and meeting the people who create it. I am just beginning my journey into carving still trying to figure out what kind of boots to buy and what to put into my backpack. I am grateful for those who maintain the trail and offer the guidance that keeps us safe as we know falling off a cliff or cutting off a finger can ruin a otherwise great day. Because of what I have read so far I have changed the way my bench is set up, added ventilation and do most of my stone work under water, COPD can ruin several days. I look forward to meeting more of you as we trudge the path. Dave

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Hi Janel

Firstly the thanks - you have mine for providing the admin and precious time that are required to keep this site going.

I have only joined recently but have been visiting and gleaning a wealth of information from this site for a long time.

I think it is a big decision to commit to joining and then an even bigger step to putting your work out there for others to see and critique especially in light of some of the truly stunning work that is posted on this site!! I have just done my first post of my own work and trying to resize the pics was harder than the carving! ;) As so many people have said we usually work in isolation from other carvers so this forum is invaluable - it means contact with other carvers and inspiration and encouragement and a wealth of new ideas this site is a living entity and one that continues to grow and provide information that just can't be found anywhere else.

so again my thanks


PS I hope I got those photos right??

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