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Some Random Pictures...

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Hi everyone,


Due to the elephant in the room, I decided I would try to re-participate to the forum.....


This picture came to me without mention of the artist, so if someone knows....




And the second is form a carver name Randall Rosenthal, ity is not paricularly small size one but....



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Hi Christophe,


Thank you!


Do you know anything more about these two pieces? I believe that I have seen the tape roll carvings before, but have no idea about the box of money. Is there anything real about it, or is everything carved from something?


I used "cardboard box of money sculpture" for an internet search and found information about Randall Rosenthal and process photos for a similar sculpture. Amazing!


I again did a search for "tape roll sculpture" and found reference to Takahiro Iwasaki sculptures.

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That tape sculpture is apretty cool idea - thats why this site has value - you can see the amazing and creative ideas that so many other people have! thanks for posting.


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