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New Carvings

Mark Strom

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I haven't posted anything in I quess a year or so. Here are the last three panels I finished today. They are carved from basswood, the rabbit and barn owl from 8/4 stock and the owl on a branch from 4/4 stock. All three have been painted with a combination of watercolors, acrylics and artist oil paints. I also used modeling paste to sculpt the lichens on the owl branch.


These represent a turning point in style and intent on my part. I am using techniques from many different fields of interest that I work in and trying to put them all together in my carving. I am focusing more on panels with select subject matter from nature and am just trying to experiment. I do have a end game in mind but I am trying to let things evolve to see where they end up.


rabbit 13" x 10 1/4" barn owl 13" x 10 1/4" tawny owl 29" x 11 1/2"


Mark Strom






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Hello Mark,


Bravo! I cannot stop looking at the images of your new work. First I see the main subject and attention to textural detail and color. It took a moment to "see" the background imagery of the owl pieces, and then it quietly emerged. You are on a good journey with these pieces. Thank you for sharing them, I appreciate seeing your work as it continues to grow.


The subtle contrast between the very shallow texture of the background and the foreground subjects works well. The dream-like forests behind the owls is a marvelous concept, being successful in setting the subject further into the deep woodland scene.


I hope to see more as time passes,



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Thanks for the support. I am and have been working hard on this new direction, trying to create a style that is new, fresh and totally my own. It has taken a great deal of experimentation and thought to find my way with this work. It is definitely new and exciting and although I speak of it as work it is also a great deal of fun. Painting carvings was something I had avoided at all costs and was not something I had any training in. I think a lifetime of exposure and appreciation for the processes of all kinds of art has helped me tremendously to find my path. Needless to say, it is some of the most rewarding work that I have done in my career.

Thanks again,



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Hi Mark,


Good to see that you carried on the painting way.

I am especially amazed by the owl on a branch one, I had to look closely at the backgroung, 'cos I thought it was transparent and it was the shadow of the tree behind the carving that I could see through.

And the first one....well looks to me like the bunny will jump out and starts moving.




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