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Tony N

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having started to relief carve and moving from the chisels I have to proper detail chisels I was hoping on which set i should buy cost is not a factor there seem lot better carvers her and well I am moving from bone and a dremel chisels and well I find th advice here better than a hardware shop as they are not carvers like us well most of the people here I am just a beginner any advice would be helpful and by the way love all he work here






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Tony I have and use Flexcut tools, chisels and knives, I have been very pleased with them. I carved walnut, Ebony , Redhart, ,, and even some basswood, with them. They are a spring steel and they do hold the edge,, with stropping , if you go with Flexcut get the stropping compound with them. I also have a set of warren chisels and knives, they have a good steel and the price in not to high.

Size of sets and size of tools will depend on what size of items you are going to carve.

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