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New Carver In Nc


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Hey all! Been lurking around for a while and finally decided to become a member!

I have made a few bone pendants so far but would really like to take it up a notch! Also want to start working in jade and other stones. I have been using just an old dremal without a flex shaft and it is killing me! Lol.

I would like to post a few pics of my work but I can't seem to resize my photos on photobucket! Any clues?


Also, what is the deal about all the different kinds of handheld power carving options? From dremal a to air powered sniper fast and low torque ones, and the micro motors! What is best for small to medium pendants? I found the dreamt sufficient for roughing out pieces and getting them to shape, but it was really hard to get any detail, what's the beef with the no clear info about what's good for what!

Any hello would be wonderful!


Thanks! Josh.

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Hi Josh,


Welcome! I don't know about photobucket, but you can use http://webresizer.com/ to easily resize images and then upload those to your posts.


I work with wood mostly, a little mammoth tusk and just a bit of bone. My power tool is an NSK Electer Emax. Oh, I have also an NSK Volvere Vmax, a sweet addition that uses my smaller bits. One thing to like about these tools is the motor is in the hand piece, and is connected to the base unit by a coiled cord or a straight cord, both very flexible and does not wear out the hand and wrist like a flex-shaft tool does.


With the materials that I carve, I use hand tools for detail. I don't know about detail work for carving stone though.



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Hi Josh,


Welcome around, seems like we have one more bone carver around ;)

As for your photo, you could use VSO Image resizer or LIght Image resizer, both freeware with a very easy to use interface for the last one.

For tools informations, you could start there:





Hope this help.



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