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Sea Lion Skull Carving

Bruce Bird

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Hi all I'm new to the photo thing . This is a sea lion skull that I'm carving in the same style as I carve leather. I freehand draw the flowers and leaves and power carve the outline. I then file and cut away at the bone learning as I go along. Takes a long time but I like it. What do you think ? The scratches are hard to scrape away but the bone polishes up nicely



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Hi Naomi,


I have posted a response to a question about gravers and scrapers for use on bone posted by Josh G., here. I have only carved one bone piece, but my wood tools worked very well for it.


It shows one versatile hand position for a larger piece I was working on. The key is the fulcrum and wrist action, which can also be finger action as well depending on what needs to be done.


I hope that information can be helpful to you.



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