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Stefan L

1 More Hei-Matau Made In Sweden

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Hi Stefan, I like the satin finish you have on the hei matau.

You may like to try a cylinder shaped burr (I use a diamond burr) - about 3 or 4mm diameter to get better definition on the pattern.

Use this burr on about a 45 degree angle so that the edge leaves a nice clean vee. Start at low speed, doing a few passes along your lines, and it will require practice to get it right. Care when sanding is also required so as not to blur the design, it may be better to sand first - then apply the pattern.

It is also possible - in fact traditional to do this type of work with a very small chisel, but I have not tried that method.

Hope that helps. John

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OK, I was thinking of a pointed oneso i dont have to angel it so much, i got some pointed ones in diamond too. And after that small chisel and sandpaper to smooth it up. thank a lot for the help.


all the best


Stefan L

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