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Exhibition @ “Independent Arts”Festival-25Th/27Th April 2014-Sint-Niklaas-Belgium.

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We are going to show 2 carved skulls, and also do live drawing at the “Independent Arts”Festival, from the 25th to the 27th April 2014 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

If some belgium carvers (and we're thinking about Alain there, that nicely helped us on another topic) are here , please be welcome to visit and say hello ! (nice and interesting programm )



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I hope your show preparations are going well for you. Let us know how it goes after your return and you are settled into the normal pace of life again.



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First of all, I had two great days , because I have meeting two amazing people ,


I went Saturday and Sunday , I had to come back ............

because of the life drawing ( started on Friday ) , I absolutely wanted to see the end result ,


The skulls were a bit mystic on display , with plenty of shade ,post-1969-0-59336300-1399402790.jpg


Gorellaume ,

He also works a little mysticism, with chinese ink ,

He used a piece of wood from a fruit crate for drawing , an old worn brushes ...... almost without hair ,


I asked them if I could place some pictures from the life drawing ,





sunday finish






the fruit crate stick ,post-1969-0-46041500-1399404399.jpg


they are too humble to put the website

I do it in his place, http://www.necessaryexperience.net/

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thank you so much Alain for dropping by and for the report !

We are the ones who are lucky to have met you !

And thanks so much for "Xmas on Earth" at the show :)

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