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John Kerwin

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Hi from New Zealand, I have been carving mainly jade for over 10 years now. I started carving rather late in life, in my forties - as a time filler while recovering from a back injury. Carving somehow took over my life - once I combined it with my long term passion for jade. I now actually make my (small) living carving, which I once thought was not a realistic hope. Mostly I make pendants but I do carve some small sculptures too. I supply several shops/Galleries and do some commissioned pieces as well.

I have worked with bone and wood a little and used other stone, mainly argellite and grossular garnet. I have stopped using the latter though as it is a little too hard and causes excessive wear on my diamond tools.

I will post some photos of my work when I get time to read up on all the pixel stuff and figure all that out.

It's nice to find a forum that is dedicated to carving, hope to chat with some of the members here soon.

Cheers John

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Glad to see you on the forum. I have been lucky enough to do what I love since 1978 and make enough money to make ends meet, it got better each year and now that I am becoming an old timer I am in the position to pretty much do whatever I choose each and every day .............. It helps to have no debt for those wondering how me an my wife did it.


Looking forward to seeing some of you work.


All my best .... Danny

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Hi Danny, thanks for the good wishes. Yes, having no debt is a great way to make life easier if you can manage it. I have been a mortgage free home owner twice in my life so far, and it is a good feeling. Circumstances have a way of spoiling the best laid plans, as they say - and inflation can turn a nice nest egg into not much at all. Wish I had discovered carving in 1978, it might have have made life a little easier for me.

I have put photos of a couple of my pieces in the show and tell part of this site.


Thanks again John

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