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Hello From The Netherlands


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Hello overyone,


This is my first post, so I'll introduce myself. I'm a woodcarver from the Netherlands. I have been carving miniatures for several years now. It once started out as "pawns with a shape", but has now evolved into a bit more than just small pawns.


I use wood. Mostly boxwood, but also some walnut, ebony and other darker colored woods. Most of the miniatures are inspired by the fantasy genre.


Below two pictures of my latest miniature. Boxwood with a Danish oil finish.



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Hello neighbor, welcome to the forum,

I see that you love ghosts, great carving ,

Here are some pictures of a Belgian artist Albert Szukalski,

His work can be seen in Antwerp, and his most important work, the Last Supper ,and the Ghost Rider ,

can be found in the Nevada desert, ghost town of Rhyolite, Goldwell Open Air Museum = https://www.google.b...m=isch&imgdii=_


youtube video Goldwell open air museum ( 've been there )

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You probably know the work of Ko Baas ,


For fine finishing for the many mini edges of your work,

google rotten stone or tripoli powder,

it is used by violin makers for fine finishing , I use it dry with a brush ,

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