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again a scrimshaw...

Greg Delaunay

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Thank you!

Thank you Janel for the link, I don't understand why mine don't work...


Yes Don! I'm 34 years old, I draw since ...I don't remember...32 years! :) I'm illustrator since 12 years, and scrimshander since 2 years and 6 month :)

This scrimshaw takes me 70 hours without the time of research and pause for my poor eyes!


Now I'm thinking about a knife with a carved ivory handle, in my mind and on the paper since two years, but I'm always afraid by the 3D!

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Hello Greg.


I don't know either, they looked the same when I posted the newer one. I do see that the "..." found its way into the url so perhaps something was missing in the behind-the-scene coding.


It is so good that you posted this new collaboration between you and Andrew Jordan. Your documentation of the process on your web site is very interesting to me. The thought and time you put into the planning of the design is a good lesson.


Using Photoshop to assist you with the alteration of the drawing is a clever use of modern technology with this ancient technique! I used to alter my sketches on the reverse side of a piece of tracing paper, then with soft pencil draw the alterations into the main drawing. That drawing, then, was pressed into the damp porcelain prior to carving to be used as a guide at the beginning of carving the clay (now more than ten years ago).


Thank you for sharing this beautuful piece with us!



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