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Colin P

Some New Stuff

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Its been a long time since I posted any new work and I thought it was time.

Let me know what you think any questions just ask.



Thanks Colin P











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Would you provide some details on the materials and inlay technique used for the pieces in the above photos?

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Thanks David the feather is bone with crushed jet stone red coral and crushed sea shell the first knife is purple heart with a brass mosaic pin

the other knife is snake wood with brass and copper pin.Again thanks David

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Janel the first two photos are black and white ebony as I told David the feather and turtle are bone with crushed jet red coral and sea shell

the dragonfly is tauga nut with crushed lapis the twig and blossom are also of nut with a homemade black walnut stain.The dragonfly and cattails have crushed jet and lapis

for the inlay.the blossoms inthe next one really weren't doing it for me so I added the crushed coral to punch it up abit.The last one is bone with crushed lapis stone.

Alot of this has been trial and error as I am still learning. I hope this explains well enough what I have done if you need any more just ask.


Thanks Colin

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