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Looking For Historic Information About A Particular Bone Carver


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I will post the messages from Brad Abbott, who is searching for information about a bone carver, and I will include his contact information if anybody knows something about this person. I will also attach the photo that was included in his second message.



I am working on a

project regarding the early lessees of Disneyland, which once included a bone

carving shop. Dick Swensen owned the Bonekraft shop in

Frontierland from 1956 through approximately 1964.


Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any additional information

about Mr. Swenson or his business. I know it's a long shot, but I was

hoping that you may have heard of Mr. Swenson, or could possibly pass

along my information to someone else who was active in the industry at

the time who may know more.


Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



Brad Abbott




Thanks so much for the reply, and the willingness to help! If you could post to the

forum (with my e-mail included), that would be very helpful.


I've also found that you can be surprised at who finally has the information that

you are looking for. The early days of Disneyland were very interesting, and that's

one of the many reasons I decided to attempt this book. Along with the bone carving

shop, there was a lingerie shop on Main Street, a lock and key shop, and a swimsuit

shop. Definitely not what you'd see today in the park.


I've attached a picture of the Bonkeraft shop (found online) for your reference. It

was located directly to the left as you entered Frontierland. After doing some more

searching yesterday, I believe Mr. Swenson moved to Solvang, CA after leaving

California, and had a small shop there in the 1970s.


Thanks again for your help, I'm looking forward to any additional information that

the forum may be able to provide.


Brad's Email



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