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Elb Gravers

Tom Edward

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ezra bowman gravers , https://www.google.b...ih=883#imgdii=_


From Lancaster PA , https://www.google.b...iw=1379&bih=883


Ezra F. Bowman & Co. Lancaster" & Patent Dated 1889 Watchmakers/Jewelers Engraving Tool Set ! http://www.datamp.or...nt.php?id=15419




Today, they are driven by compressed air ,






my custom homemade gravers ,


also from old taps and reamers ,post-1969-0-78379400-1399565766.jpg


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Hello and thanks to both of you for the replies. Alain can you tell me more about those tools made from old taps and reamers, ? what kind of taps? the reamers I take it are jewelry reamers. I want to start using my et on bone and ivory but the sharpening process is still a challenge, what type of stone is best, not mediocre but best? thanks once again.

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I have worked all my life as a maintenance engineer in a steel factory , where the made steel wires ,

all my taps and reamer came from the trash bin ,

most of the taps are long shank taps , 5 , 6 , 8 , 7 ,10 mm , as well as the reamers , adjusted by a electric grindstone ,

No jewelry reamers , too small and fragile ,


For sharpening, I use diamond plates sharpening , coarse , fine , extra fine , https://www.google.b...m=isch&imgdii=_

and a old carborundum stone ,

youtube vid's



razor-sharp edge, use a honing compound , power Honing system , http://www.toolpost....ng_systems.html

or a other honing compound , https://www.google.b...iw=1483&bih=894






The ezra bowman gravers I found on german e-bay a decade ago , only the steel chisels ( 20 pieces) without holders , for 20$ ,

the curved chisel can be used ,when there is a bending , (pothole ) slope in the workpiece ,

Now on e-bay , ezra bowman gravers , http://www.ebay.com/...nc&LH_PrefLoc=2

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