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Hi all,

I am a potter and calligrapher with a strong belief in living with objects that have energy. I don't like the term collector, rather I live with "things". I study Japanese swords and have a passion for ink, clay and steel.


I have studied in Japan and all over the US, including with several students of Bernanrd Leach.


I love carving, though it is not anywhere near what people do here.


I currently live in Virginia, but that could change at any moment :)


Thanks for having me.


Craig Bird

Albedo Studio

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Hi Craig, thanks for signing on.


Craig has helped me in many ways over the years and is a great resource on Japanese metal and pottery. He wrote an article On Collecting for my web site that I wish were mandatory reading for everyone getting into collecting fine objects.


I have posted a few of Craig's ceramics at Bird Pottery


Needless to say, I am thrilled that he has joined us.

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Welcome Craig!


Thanks for introducing yourself here! I look forward to reading more that you might have to offer.


Thanks Don for posting the images of Craig's pots. Nice work. One of my friends/neighbors is Jeff Oestreich, a former Leach apprentice... and my history as an artist began with clay...



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