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Help With Engraving On Small Natural Objects


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As of yet I have no engraving tools. I am trying to engrave small designs on a hard sea bean (seed). I tried a dremel and it only seemed to scratch the surface. (Although I did not have the bean securely set in any device.


As a beginner, I do not want to invest yet in expensive equipment and I am leaning toward hand engravers.


My questions:

How do I hold securely hold the item I am engraving?

Does anyone have experience with engraving on natural objects and can offer advice?


thank you


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Hi Brenda,


Welcome to The Carving Path forum.


When I am carving something small, I use a blob of white stuff that is available at office or school supply areas in stores. It may be known as "poster putty", used for adhering papers to walls. It comes in blue and yellow sometimes, I prefer the white for no color influence when looking at the materials being carved.


Here is an example of it in use with a carving of an acorn: http://janeljacobson.com/toolsstudio/janel.html


This might be helpful. It will not hold as well as a vise but is a good aid to reducing hand strain when trying to use only one's fingers to trap the piece being carved. For my larger pieces I have begun to use a suede leather sand bag to soften the pressure on the back side when being carved.



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