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Superb High Grade Jadeite Carvers


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Been shopping Jadeite for at least thirty years. Spent nine months in mostly rural China in late eighties and early nineties and was always looking for Jadeite. Early on I found some very nice pieces but they were all carved and too nice to change. I bought 100 kilos of old stock Jadeite from a person out in California about seven years ago, some really nice jadeite but no high grade. I am sure I will be looking until I am no longer on the planet. Always wanted to make an awesome strand of jadeite beads but for the time it would take it would have to be gem material.


I am posting the finest carved piece I picked up in China it is a hair pin/ornament from the Ching Dynasty. The image is not so great but the jadeite has green lavender and white, it is what the Chinese call water jade because of its translucency.


The second image is of a bead that I missed out on. We were doing the Tucson for the first time in quite a few years, the first day of our show this guy walks in and asks if I have an interest in any beads, as I had little cash on hand I told him I would take a look, the first beads were mostly modern reproduction of Javanese beads so I told the guy to go talk to two of my friends that were doing our show. About half an hour later my friend Thomas comes to the room asking me about this killer jadeite bead he just bought, needless to say I told him he had found a true treasure. Later that evening we were in the hotle lobby talking and Thomas walks up, he tells me that he got the bead from the guy I sent to his booth. Said the guy had the bead stashed and he almost did not get to see it. From that point on I always ask Thomas how my green bead is doing. The next year I had four thousand cash when we arrived to set up. ............. No beads walked in.


All my best ............ Danny



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