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A Learning In Pounamu.

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well here we go, I have a long road ahead of me before I am comfortable with my execution , but the concept is ok,

inspired like many others by the artistry of donn salt , micheal glasby and others lucky enough to have had Donn's tutelage , I have had a crack at an idea that I have had in my head for a while.

The concept is to incorporate pearls worn at mums wedding by our grandmother, into a series of flowers and shell based designs for the girls in the family descendant from that great lady that had such a pivotal role in our family.

The pearls are to act as buttons securing the cord to the pounamu,

I was lucky enough to get advice from lewis gardnier and no end of encouragement from those that work with him at Rakai pounamu .

I am happy with this as a starting point from which to progress and refine both skills and execution ,it does have a touch of the organic, soft feel that i am seeking. lol if only I could look at something I have made and see more than what I could have done better, tho lew did say that he doesnt remember making a taonga with that he was totally satisfied with , so maybe thats a good thing.

I like the concept of two mediums combined in this manner and am looking forward to exploring the idea and possibilities it will present as my execution and my ability to read and highlight the beauty in pounamu develops.

E noho ra




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Nice! I do like Matt Glasby's series of flowers like this. It is a nice simple yet appealing design.


Also I dont think a work is ever truly finished, more so it reaches an acceptable point for the artist. I could tell you what is wrong with everything Ive ever made and Im sure others could too :)


Look forward to seeing more.

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Thanks for your kind words bro, very much appreciated , yeah man those fellas their work just sends my head reeling , the idea of rendering such a hard material into a soft tactile and organic form is a challenge that appeals to me how they do it is somewhat still mystifying , tho I am starting to wrap my head around it the hands lol have a long way to go.

Had a few challenges distracting from my mahi, but most of them getting sorted, soon a workshop to build, then looking forward to getting really stuck into this , when I aren't playing round with this stuff I miss it immensely .



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