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tools for the "rough" work...

Greg Delaunay

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I am not a purist for hand tools only, though if I were stronger and had enough of the right files and rasps I might choose that path.


My tool of choice for starting a piece, whether wood, ivory, antler or tooth, is the NSK micro grinder. There are other threads which discuss this tool. I have contact information for a helpful dealer here in the USA, if you wish to persue this particular machine. There are several choices for hand-set units, more speed less torque or less speed more torque. There are shapes for the hand set also which suit different uses. All in all, the NSK is a smooth and strong, variable speed, motor in the hand set tool. The coiled wire that connects the hand set to the controller is quite helpful in reducing hand and arm strain when moving the handset while grinding.


There are a variety of bits available for the tool as well, from very coarse to very delicate. The steady spin of the bit is quite well centered and allows for more control when closer in to the depth of the subjects being carves. (I do switch to hand tools before I am at the finished depth.)


Use the SEARCH function and type in NSK or micro grinder and see what else has been written for tools such as this here on TCP.



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