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Jade Carving While In Hawaii


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It has been quite a while since i posted here but i thought i would share a few pics of some of my newest creations.



OK, i got back a few days ago after spending 6 weeks in Hawaii and have a few new Jade carvings to share. It was great to be on such a long vacation and have the free time to do a bit of carving while i was down there. I took inspiration from the waves along the shore and the birds flying all around. I also have a leather and jade project in mind now that will have a sea turtle theme to it. It looks like i will be home for the next 4 to 6 months and i hope to get a lot of carving and crafting done while i am home. This winter i am planning 3 to 6 months in New Zealand to study the Maori styles of jade carving so i hope that keepe me motivated to keep creating until i go.

First is a pendant that is much like a smaller one i made a few years ago. This pendant is three waves coming into shore and is quite large for a pendant as well as fairly thick and heavy. The jade for this piece came from the Fraser river just a few miles upstream of my house.










Next is my favorite piece from the trip and is also made from a local jade. We had many, many birds flying around us every day and this pendant is a stylized wing. This is also a fairly large pendant and measures a full five inches from top to bottom. I spent a fair bit of extra time on the hand snading and polish so it has a great feel in the hand with a interesting contrast of sharp ridges and velvety smooth curves.








Next is a mixture of a heart with two waves curling inside that i gave to my fiancee and is her new favorite piece. While we were down there we decided that we are getting married this summer and i made this for her to commemorate the decision. This piece is made from some bright green jade from the MT. Ogden mine in northern B.C.








The last piece i have to share today is one that is not quite finished yet and still needs a bit more hand sanding and final polish. It is a stylized fishhook with the center cored out for two extra points. This extra detail took quite a bit of time and was slightly frustrating to make. I had the idea for this one while in Hawaii and did the sketches for it but didn't get a chance to start on it until after we got home. I have spent quite a few hours over the last 4 days since getting home and still have a few more before i will be satisfied with it. This one is also made from local Fraser River Jade.






And last but not least is a couple quick shots of my workbench, as usual, it is a complete mess as i work my way through the current piece. The computer is off to the left side and i have lights all around. Once i put on my magnifying visor and headphones the whole world just melts away. Sometimes i lose track of time and the entire day can pass whil i work away to the beat of the music. I get great peace from the act of creation.






As always, i hope you like the pics. If anyone has any questions, comments, suggestions, or critique i would love to hear it.

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Hmmm, pretty quiet around here. this part isn't really carving but i think it adds quite a bit to the overall look of my recent pieces.


I wanted to do something a little different today and decided to make some stands for some of my recently completed Jade carvings. All these stands are made out of local, self collected Maple burls that were left over pieces from other projects. I also used some heavy guage single strand copper wire that i stripped the insulation off of and twisted upon itself to give more strength. Overall i am pretty happy except for the big fish hook base which used 7 pieces of wire and they got a bit jumbled up when i twisted them together.


I will be setting these up on my fiance's market table this weekend and i think the bases really add to the overall appeal of these pieces. I also took the time to set up my lights and take some nice pics of the finished pieces and may list them on Etsy to see if there is any interent. Whaddya think, good enough to sell yet? Opinions and critique are greatly appreciated.





















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