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Hallo From Germany.

Artur M

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Hallo all together,


my Name is Artur M. I'am 30 years old.

Hopefully i can, not only improve my carving- but also my english skills.

I'am studying Art and was always interested in smal Artistik craftmanship especially carving.

A few years ago i found out about the great world of netsuke.

After alot of problems beginning with what Kind of tools to use and ending with Material problems i now worked my way up to this community.

By now I'am addicted and have ridden my way throu all Kind of netsuke related stuft.

Still my skills leg behind my ambition.So I don't have any finished or satisfying work.

There are also questions relating the hematoshi setting ....by time...


Best regards.


You can see some of my other artworks (not netsuke) on my Internetsite.



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I see ...

I will do my best next time.

I didn't wanted for my first post to look to empty so i put the foto next to it.

I will post single shots next time when works are ready.

Most of it is ruffly "sketched" with the saw anyway so i thought there is no need for details on the Foto.


Thank's alot anyway Danny for your welcoming.


Best regards.






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I will be curious to see how you fit your imagination into netsuke sized pieces!


About himotoshi (the holes for cord and cord knot that suspends the netsuke from the top of the ensemble worn with kimono and obi): keep in mind how the netsuke will hang when in place above the obi. What face of the netsuke will show, and in what orientation? How is it balanced? Do you want the knot on the outside or to be tucked into the himotoshi knot hole? Maybe a "natural" himotoshi could be designed into the composition: natural - meaning something that is already an opening that the cord could go through and a knot be tucked into sensibly.



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