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Steve T

Moved States - And Back Carving Again - Butterfly

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This took a while, maybe 3 weeks on and off (guessing at 12 hours) working rough cut with a new handtool I got gifted (Foredom) and finishing with my new hand made micro scrapers.


This is Giraffe bone and I'm thinking the relatively course grain lends itself better to less detailed work. But it's come up ok. The work is 75mm (3in) high and has a brooch pin mount on the back.


I've moved to Austin Texas and it looks like we might finally have found some good local craft markets to sell some work, so hoping that comes through over the next month or 2.


This was really more of a practice work to see how much detail I could get into the bone and the limit for me and my hand made tools appears to be the nouveau vines in the middle. But interested to hear what people think of the design as it's straight out of my head.


While moving I found my carving book (I haven't seen it in around 7 or 8 years (about 3 house moves and 1 country ago) so glad to see it back. It's inspired me to go back and do some more Maori based works with the celtic overlay, it's a little bit of what I am being a 5thflower generation Kiwi from the Waikato :)


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