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Thanks for allowing me to join the group . I've been carving for a little over 3 years. I'm a member of the Nature Coast Carving club in Citrus Co. Florida . Ive learn a lot from the brothers and sisters in the club. I've been disable for over 10 years. I worked as a phoneman for most of my life. Carving has made me feel useful again! All though I can't carve but a few hours a day. Lived in North Carolina for 54 years in the Raleigh area. Wifes parents got sick so we had to move to Florida . Thats when I found the club and joined . I had been collecting carving book and tools for years . I had always wanted to learn to do something of this nature afer I retired . Well retirement came in the no option plan. I'm really looking forward to seeing ya'lls carvings and learn some other techinques . Well thats a little about me. You can visit our carving club site at : http://naturecoastcarvingclub.com/post-3911-0-04381100-1409238575.jpg

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